Add a Calendar webpart to a Modern SharePoint site page

Adding a calendar to a modern SharePoint site page is not a straight forward task. It took a bit of playing around before i figured out how to do it. Most of the people working with SharePoint by this time already know that Calendar is a list in the backend.

In a Modern page when you click on + to add a new webpart and search for your Calendar under lists displayed in list web part, it will not be displayed.List web part

Even though Calendar is a list, it will still not show up under Lists in List web part. Here is the trick – All Calendar lists in your site are listed in ‘Event’ web part.

How to do it:
  • Add ‘Events’ web part to your Modern SharePoint page as shown below.Events web part
  • Once you add the web part to the page, Click on ‘Edit Web part’ option to display properties.Edit web part
  • In the Events properties window, all the Calendar lists in the site are displayed as a drop down.Events web part properties
  • We can pick the Calendar from the list and select date ranges to display. Here are the available selections for Date range.Events date range
  • Pick a layout ‘Filmstrip’ or ‘Compact'(Note: Compact layout is always used in 1/3 column). Select number of events to display, defaulted to 20.Events layout
  • Save & Publish.