Board view in Microsoft Lists is available now!

Board view in Microsoft Lists is available now for most of the tenants. If you don’t see it, there is a good chance, it will show up anytime for your tenant. This is the feature that got most attention and also got me excited when Microsoft announced it earlier during Nov 2021 at Ignite.

Well, most you might be familiar with Kanban boards in general. Board view in MS Lists brings Kanban board to it. It allows users to arrange list data as cards in form of a Kanban board and provides the option to move items from one stage to other. Items can dragged and dropped to different swim-lanes defined.

How to create a board view?

  • Go to your list and select view drop down to pick ‘Create new view

  • Name your view & select Board under Show as section.

  • Pick a column next to base your board view on. You have the option to pick a column like status or create a new column from here.
  • Your Kanban board will be created and is ready for consumption. Users can simply drag and drop items displayed in the board. For example move items to a different stage in workflow.

  • Column values will update to reflect the transition/move. 

Note: On 01/31/2022 Microsoft made an announcement that Microsoft Lists are now accessible for MSA (Microsoft Hotmail & Outlook accounts). Here is the announcement

9 thoughts on “Board view in Microsoft Lists is available now!

  1. Follow up on the other comment, is it possible to remove or edit any bucket that is added? I created a bucket with a spelling error and cant find a way to edit its title or remove it.

    1. Bucket names are your column values for the column you choose to organize your board view with. In the above example, buckets Critical, High, Medium and low are column values for ‘Priority’ column in my list. Go to list settings -> pick the column you choose to organize your board view with to update values.

  2. Is it possible to copy paste cards on the board? We use template cards which we would like to copy paste.

    1. I am not sure if you can copy/paste cards on a board. I would recommend trying grid view for bulk editing including copy/paste. Right click anywhere in the board -> Edit grid view.

  3. It would be great to be able to drag and drop cards within a swim lane to reorder them!

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