Cannot show the value of the filter – Assigned To field in Project Tasks

Project Tasks lists are very useful for managing tasks to track progress among team members. Especially Managers love this feature.
We usually setup views to show only items assigned to self and it works well. But Managers have special views which shows all the items assigned to the team. When one user who is Manager tried to filter the list based on ‘Assigned To’ field an error message popped up saying ‘Cannot show the value of the filter. The field may not be filterable, or the number of items returned exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.’

Cannot show the value of the filter
Cannot show the value of the filter error message

Well, being the administrator am pretty sure that this list did not exceed the list view threshold. I’m also sure that we can filter the ‘Person’ field.

First thing I tried is to index theAssigned To’ column, which I could not. I did not find a way to index this ‘Assigned To’ column. Then, I looked at the properties of this field, and found out that ‘Allow selection of:’ value is set to ‘People and Groups’. This clearly is the problem here. When you set this field to allow selection of either people or groups, it cannot be filtered. I changed it back to ‘People Only’ and was able to filter. When you create this list from template, these values are preset to default.

Allowed To field properties
Allowed To field properties

Resolution: Set the ‘Allow selection of:’ property for ‘Assigned To’ field to People Only.

Also make sure that ‘Show field is set to ‘Name (with presence)’.

Hope it helps someone!

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