Custom solutions

Dynamic SQL Data connection to InfoPath

There is no possible out of the box way to setup a dynamic SQL data connection to InfoPath form. When we use SQL table as a secondary data source in InfoPath, there is no option to filter data in SQL before loading into InfoPath. Using InfoPath connection wizard, connection you setup is a plain select […]

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Code Signing Certificate for Admin Approved InfoPath form template

Security level for admin approved code behind InfoPath form templates should be Fully trusted. Code Signing Certificate should be used to sign fully trusted InfoPath form templates before uploading to Central Admin. Go to File and Select ‘Form Options‘ under Advanced options Select ‘Security and Trust‘ in the left pane Code Signing Certificate: You can […]

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SharePoint 2013 custom solutions: Image referenced from 15 hive shows error

SharePoint 2013 contains both 14 hive and 15 hive folders to support both 2010 and 2013 solutions. Issue: If you are updating your 2010 solution to 2013. You make all the changes, moved all your images and reference files to 15 and left the references in solution as http://sharepoint/_layouts/CustomSoltuion/Images/one.png – you get an error instead […]

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