Edit in grid view option missing in a Modern SharePoint view

Edit in grid view option will not be displayed for a particular view because of multitude of reasons. Some of the popular reasons were

  1. Adding Groupings
  2. Using supported browser
  3. Not having enough access on the list/library

Here is one more interesting addition to the above list. When a view is edited and set to have any different display Style other than ‘Default’ Edit in grid view option will not be displayed. 

Microsoft may fix this limitation in future. As it stands today, if a view is set to have any other display Style other than default, Edit in grid view option will be unavailable.

Resolution: To get the Edit in grid view option back, set the display style back to Default.

8 thoughts on “Edit in grid view option missing in a Modern SharePoint view

  1. The “Edit Grid” view (or legacy DataSheet view) is not an option when creating a new view. The only options are List, Calendar and Gallery. How can I make the default view a Grid view?

  2. Hi Rothmann,
    Try creating new view from Gear icon (settings) -> List settings -> Scroll all the way down to Views -> Create view. You will find the ‘Data sheet view’ option available there. Thanks.

  3. Edit in grid view is getting hidden, if you format the view, so create again new view dont format then the
    “Edit in grid view” will appear

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