Explorer view of document library opens up empty

User has contribute access on the document library and is able to view all the documents in Browser. When user tries to open the library in Explorer view, it comes up empty, does not show any documents.

Web client service is started in client computer and everything check is good. Same user was able to open other libraries in explorer view and was able to view/edit the documents. Issue is only with one particular library.

It turned out that the issue is with permissions. User has only ‘Contribute’ access on the library and no access to anything else in the site. By default he is provided ‘Limited Access’ at the top level because of broken inheritance and fine-grained access on library.

Explorer view makes use of WebDAV protocol to work. User needs atleast Read/view¬†access at the top level site for accessing WebDAV protocol related files/functions. Any user who does not have atleast Read/View¬†level access at the top level site was not able to open document library in Explorer view even though they has Contribute access on the library. WebDAV protocol makes use of ‘Use Remote Interfaces’ permissions level to open libraries in explorer view. This permission comes with Read/View all and above and not with Limited access.

The moment I provided contribute level access at top level, user was able to open the library in explorer view. This might not be an ideal solution but worked in my case.