Managed Metadata columns issue in SharePoint 2010/2013

Problem: Data in managed metadata columns is not visible for all the users or visible only for site collection administrators because of Managed Metadata columns issue in SharePoint 2010/2013.

Background: In SharePoint 2010 and 2013 lists and libraries, lookup columns are supported which appear to retrieve values from term stores created using Managed Metadata service.In reality, every site collection creates a hidden list to hold subset of term store information. This hidden list is created only on the root web of site collection and used by all the sites within that site collection.

This list is located at http://site/lists/taxonomyhiddenlist

Resolution: By default NT AUTHORITY\authenticated user group is provided with ‘Read’ access to this hidden list. Sometimes this list is created with insufficient permissions. All the authenticated users should have ‘Read’ access. Adding Read access for NT AUTHORITY\authenticated group should resolve any access issues with Managed Metadata columns.Managed metadata columns issue with permissions to hidden list

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