Missing a column in SharePoint list/library filter pane

Missing a column in SharePoint list/library filter pane? It is normal. Not all columns are available in the filter pane by default.

What is filter pane?

Filter pane is available in the top right hand corner in list or library page. It is available by clicking on the funnel icon. Filters available are based on the list items currently displayed in the view.

Filtering options

In a list or library when filter pane is accessed by a user it will display columns available for filtering.  Sometimes a column which is available in the view may be missing. Not all filterable columns are available by default in the filter pane.

Is it possible to filter on a column which is not available in the pane?

Of course it is possible to add any filterable column to the pane. Some columns like multi line of text is not filterable.

How to add a missing column?

  • Open the list in browser. Select column header dropdown.
  • Column settings
  • Pin to filters pane.

How to unpin a column from filter pane?

  • Open the list in browser. Click on funnel symbol to open filter pane.
  • Click on ellipses (3 dots) next to column filter you want to remove.
  • Select Unpin.

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