Not getting M365 group emails in your inbox?

Not getting M365 group emails in your inbox? Don’t worry. There is a quick fix, read on!

When an M365 group is setup from Outlook, there is an option to sign up every Member to receive conversations and events in their inboxes. They can stop following this group later if they want to.During group creation if this is unchecked or if the Group is setup from Teams and your orgs’ default is not to sign up every Member to receive emails, Members will not receive emails unless they do the following:

  • OWA
  • Scroll all the down in the left nav links until you find Groups you were part of.
  • Select the Group. You will see all the emails send to the group.
  • Click on ellipses below group name. Select settings.
  • Check ‘Receive all email and events’ option under Follow in inbox.

Once this setting is turned on, all the emails sent to group mailbox will show up in your inbox.


If you send an email to Group, it will not show up in our own inbox again. Microsoft made an update in summer 2020 to default this behavior. If the sender wants to receive email sent to group in there Inbox, they have to login to there mailbox  using OWA, and then Settings->Mail->Groups->”Send me a copy of email I send to a group”

Find more information about Email sending behavior for Groups in Outlook feature here.