SharePoint 2010/2013 User Profile Account name shows up wrong Domain name after sync

Your Domain name is ‘Domain’ and your FQDN forest name is ‘’.
You set up a user profile sync connection in SharePoint, map all your properties and kick off full sync. Everything goes well, you don’t see any errors.
So far good. You pull a random user to verify properties, Manager name does not resolve. Click on the people picker and it resolves. Check another user, same issue.If you observe,
it shows wrong domain name after sync. It says Company\username instead of Domain\username.

Here is the issue!

It is not uncommon to have different Domain and FQDN names. But in that case, we need to do few extra things to get your user profile sync to work properly.

We need to enable NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled property for user profile service application.

If you already have a sync connection and full sync is performed, simply setting this property will not work. We need to delete the existing connection and create a new connection and do a full sync.

Here are the steps:

1. Get rid of your existing connection. (I have seen some cases, where SharePoint does not allow you to delete the connection. In that case, I have re-provisioned the User profile service by deleting UPS service application without losing any profile data. Here is the blog i followed . Be very careful not to lose any data while doing this. Especially if you are doing this in production servers.)

2. Set the NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled property to 1

$upa = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$_.TypeName -eq “User Profile Service Application”}
$upa.NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled = $true

3. Reset IIS

4. Kick of full profile sync and incremental sync.

Happy SharePointing!

Note: Views expressed are purely my personal and may not work in all scenarios.

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