SharePoint site default access groups

When a new SharePoint Online site is created it comes with 3 default permission groups.

  • Owners – Full control permission
  • Members – Edit permission
  • Visitors – Read permission

These are setup as default permission groups. Users in Owners group have the ability to receive and approve/reject access requests.Access requests This can be setup through ‘Access Request Settings’ option in ribbon under ‘Site Settings’ -> ‘Site permissions’.Access requests settings

Default Owners group will show up in Access request settings as an option to receive requests. If you by mistake delete default permission groups or end up managing a site without default groups (happens a lot if your site was migrated from previous versions of SharePoint) you can recreate default groups by accessing below link directly –

Hitting above URL presents you with the option to create new default groups or use an existing group as default access group.Set default groups

You can also accomplish this by setting any group as default in group settings -> Make default group.Group settings

Members group is setup with Edit permission. Only & dangerous difference between Edit & Contribute permissions levels is that users with Edit permission have the ability to delete lists/libraries. It is up to you to decide if you want to leave it as Edit or change it to Contribute, which still provides users with capability to delete list items but not lists.