System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException – PSConfig – SharePoint 2010/2013

‘An exception of type System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException was thrown. Additional exception information: There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:32843/SecurityTokenServiceApplication/securitytoken.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.

After installing a cumulative update for fixing a bug in our SharePoint 2013 farm, I was greeted by this error while running pconfig.exe



Try to hit the endpoint directly in browser from the server.

Check if the end point is accessible from IIS. Open IIS Manager -> Expand the server name -> Expand sites -> Expand SharePoint Web Services -> Click on SecurityTokenServiceApplication -> Select the ‘Content View’ at the bottom -> Right click on Securitytoken.svc and browse. If the service is available, you should see something like this in browser4

If not, service is not running.

Go to Windows services and check the status of ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service’ – if it is stopped, here is your culprit.


After starting psconfig.exe, by the time you reach step 2 of 4, open another powershell window and start the World Wide Web publishing service. You can use command ‘net start w3svc’ or directly open windows services and ‘Start’ the service.

This fixed my issue and upgrade is completed without issues.