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Convert path-based site collection to host-named site collection – SharePoint 2013

With SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Host named site collections have become an instant hit.Microsoft introduced a new Powershell command with February 10, 2015 Cumulative update KB2910928  to convert path-based site collections to host-named site collections. First of all,a host named site collection is something which has its own DNS entry and looks like http://host.mycompany.com. […]

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Windows updates to include SharePoint Patches!

SharePoint February Cumulative updates are included in Windows update.Starting from now SharePoint updates will be pushed along with other windows updates. Scary days ahead for SharePoint admins. Following is the list of SharePoint updates pulled by WSUS in Feb 2015.   If your SharePoint server have windows update to automatically update your SharePoint servers, all […]

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February 2015 CU – SharePoint 2013

February 2015 CU is a full server package – meaning no other update is required to fully patch SharePoint to this level. Prereq’s: SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 should be installed or March 2013 PU The KB articles links for December CU: KB 2920801 – SharePoint Foundation 2013 KB 2920804 – SharePoint Server 2013 (includes […]

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