Unable to use Expressions in Dynamic content – Power Automate

Like most of the IT employees, I am working from home because of Covid-19 stay at home orders. Working on a simple Flow, realized that I cannot use expressions in Dynamic content while setting a variable or using Compose action in Power Automate.

Only available option is to pick one out of displayed options. Did not have option to type in expressions anywhere. Well, like anyone working in Office 365, initially thought Microsoft might have released an update to Flow User Interface. 30 minutes of scrambling did not help!

Here are all the dynamic content options available. Without expressions and manipulations I cannot do much automation.

I searched all the forums and blogs for any recent updates to Flow UI.  Conversation I had before with a colleague triggered a thought that it might be my screen resolution. Remember, I am working from home on my laptop without my usual big screens. Went to my pc settings, updated layout to use 1600 x 900 instead of 1920 x 1080 recommended setting.

Lo and Behold, I got my options back. Flow UI recognized the smaller screen size and displayed options differently like in above screen shot instead of usual pop up like window pane to the right.


If you ever run into this strange scenario, try adjusting your computer display layout to use 1600 x 900 or other options depending on what computer you are working.

This trick worked for me and hope it saves time for someone or myself again in future.