Windows updates to include SharePoint Patches!

SharePoint February Cumulative updates are included in Windows update.Starting from now SharePoint updates will be pushed along with other windows updates. Scary days ahead for SharePoint admins.

Following is the list of SharePoint updates pulled by WSUS in Feb 2015.

Windows updates


If your SharePoint server have windows update to automatically update your SharePoint servers, all the SharePoint updates will be installed to your servers, which may leave your farm in unstable state until you run PSConfig to upgrade the databases.Just by installing binaries, SharePoint farm may not be broken immediately but some components might be impacted.

It is not a good idea to stop the updates completely which may leave your farm insecure without all the security fixes.

Be aware that if Windows update is automatically set to install updates, SharePoint patches will be installed and you need to run PSConfig to complete the update. However it is not a good practice to install patches directly into production without proper testing in Dev environments.
I personally, am not a fan of this move! Hope, Microsoft gets off from this change soon. Happy SharePointing!

For information on this please follow Stefan Gossner’s post on SharePoint CU’s and Windows update.