Day: February 23, 2015

SPShellAdmin – Permission to run farm level powershell cmdlets in SharePoint

In order to run PowerShell cmdlets in SharePoint 2010/2013, user should have necessary privileges to SharePoint object model and to SharePoint databases. Even if a user is added as farm admin, he necessarily do not have access to run powershell cmdlets unless user is having SPShellAdmin access. Adding users to this access level, provides the […]

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How to set ‘Log on as batch job access’

If you are trying to run a PowerShell Script through Windows Task scheduler in a Windows server using a service account like me, at the end of task scheduler a warning message was shown that the service account need ‘Log on as batch job access’ to run the job. Here is a¬†blog which explains how […]

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Schedule Powershell Script to run on a windows server using Task Scheduler

Here are the steps to Schedule Powershell Script to run on a schedule in any windows Server. 1. Open Windows Task scheduler from Administrative tools. 2. Right click on Task Scheduler Library and Select Create a task. 3. Under¬†General tab, Enter the name of the task and update Security options. 4. Click on Change User […]

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