Missing Office upload center

Couldn’t find annoying Microsoft upload center anymore in your Windows machine? Good news! It is gone forever. Microsoft replaced the upload center with ‘Files Needing Attention’ experience in Office applications.

What is Microsoft upload center

It is the application that deals with office file uploads to cloud services like SharePoint online, OneDrive for Business and also different version of SharePoint On premises server. If you have any issues with file upload or different versions of documents opening in your local system, a notification from upload center pops up in your system tray. You can clear cache or review pending uploads. Major reason why file uploads does not go through is loss of connectivity.

This has been an annoying experience for end users as this upload process is not part of office apps and handled by a different process.

Files Needing Attention

Beginning with Office 365 for Windows version 1910, build 12130.20344 in Oct 2019  Microsoft rolled out a new process called ‘Files Needing Attention’ which will replace the Microsoft upload center functionality. They planned to push this to all versions of Office by end of 2020. This new process is integrated with various office application loads meaning, users will find word files that need attention in Word and excel files that need attention in excel and so on with various office apps.

New experience is available by going to File -> Open -> Files Needing Attention. This will show up if there are any files that did not go through the upload process and needs your attention. By right clicking on the file, users get the option to either open the file or discard the local version.

Note: If a user is not able to open updated version of file from SharePoint or OneDrive, most probable reason is a cached local version of the file. It can be cleared using new ‘Files Needing Attention’ functionality.

Files Needing Attention FAQ article from Microsoft.