Troubleshooting SharePoint Designer Workflows

Troubleshooting SharePoint Designer Workflows is one of the trickiest things to do. Except for the status, we don’t have much information available unless you know the trick to get to the workflow logs list available in every site.

Location of workflow list : http://yoursite/lists/workflow history/allitems.aspx

Fields in workflow log are:

Workflow History Parent Instance – The unique ID of a given instance of a workflow, i.e. Workflow X that was started on Document Y will be assigned Workflow History Parent Instance Z (as a GUID)

Workflow Association ID – The unique ID of the relationship between a particular workflow and the list or library to which it is associated. The act of adding a site workflow to a library creates this association, presumably creating a declarative workflow in SPD against a single list creates it as well.

Workflow Template ID – The unique ID of a particular workflow that is assigned when a workflow is created, and therefore the workflow that generated the Workflow History Item

List ID – the list that the particular Workflow History Item was generated by

Primary Item ID – The ID of the item in List{List ID} that generated the Workflow History Item

If there are any discrepancies regarding an item in any list, it can be traced by tracking the list Id and item id and checking the outcome of the workflow

Note: If the workflow is updated, after it is executed on some items, the workflow status field in the list (NOT the Workflow log list) for already existing items after the updated workflow is published will be empty, because the updated workflow didn’t ran on those items. Workflow status can be determined by finding the id of the item and looking up in workflow log list.

Disclaimer: I tried to simplify the content which is already available in msdn documentation.

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