Create alerts on views in SharePoint document library

This is one of the most frequently raised question or complaint by end users. Why can’t I create alerts on views in my SharePoint library?

When you try to setup alerts on items in a library, sometimes you have the option to set ‘Someone changes an item that appears in the following view: Drop down of views’ – Magical!

Option to set alerts on views.

If it is not your lucky day, you don’t even see that option. Sigh!

Alert settings

But in SharePoint and in general technology, there should a reason for everything. If This, Then That kind of reason!

Here is the reason for this magic:
  • This option shows up IF AND ONLY IF you have custom views which filters items based on Choice column.
  • Choice column should be a custom column not system generated like approval status.

Once you have a custom view which filters items based on a custom choice column, you get the ability to set alerts when someone changes an item that appears in that view.

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